Maximize Your Eye Care

When you choose an optometrist to care for your vision and eye health, you need someone who does much more than sell you glasses. You need a compassionate, highly qualified eye doctor who will examine and treat your eyes for long-lasting, quality vision. You need an optometrist you can trust will help you optimize the benefits of healthy vision.

To help you make an educated decision and choose the right eye doctor at Fox Eye care, consider the following:

Qualified to Provide All Primary Eye Care

At Fox Eye Care Group, our team of optometrists will satisfy all your vision and ocular health requirements. We provide a total range of eye care services, from the basics, such as vision prescriptions, to more complex therapies, such as advanced management of eye disease. Our office is equipped with cutting-edge diagnostics and technologies, so you can trust that your diagnoses and treatments are as precise as can be.

Professional Experience & Specialties

Every eye doctor in our Greensboro and Winston Salem eye care clinics brings top-notch credentials and unique specialties. No matter what eye or vision condition you have, we have an optometrist with the specialized expertise to provide effective treatment. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable about a full range of conditions, so you will always receive superior care for your optical and medical needs.

Dependable & Accessible

We know that the unexpected happens, which is why our optometrists are available seven days a week, with patient hours from morning through evening. When you have a vision problem, you will be able to reach us easily. No matter what you need – routine eye exam, new eyeglasses, new contact lenses, urgent ocular care, and treatment for eye disease – we are here to help!