A visit to an eye doctor can be a scary experience for kids. At Fox Eye Care Group, we make an extra effort to make our center kid-friendly and fun. Are you looking to have eye tests done or an eye problem checked out? Our acclaimed optometrists are here for you.

Pediatric eye care is especially important since good vision is critical to proper child development. Reading, sports, and other functions depend on visual acuity, and they can also affect psychological and social development.

Spot Problems With Your Child’s Eyes Early

Symptoms like rubbing the eyes, squinting, excessive blinking, headaches, and lack of focus are all causes of concern. Others may be less obvious but serious, which is why kids should get an eye exam at the age of 7 years before they start school and every two years after that.

Eyes do not fully develop until the age of 9 years. Until that age, regular checkups can help optometrists diagnose and correct issues with near and far visual acuity, eye teaming, eye movement and tracking, focusing, and many more.

Eye Exams for Glasses and Contact Lenses

When we catch eye disorders in children, we can help to correct them from an early age so that they can develop a full, three-dimensional vision. This is why children who wear glasses have to wear them full-time.

At Fox Eye Care Group in North Carolina, our optometrists use sophisticated equipment to catch and treat eye conditions in children as young as 7 years of age. These conditions include:

  • Lazy eye (amblyopia)
  • Misaligned eyes (strabismus)
  • Abnormalities such as cataracts as well as retina and optic nerve problems

We also offer a fun variety of pediatric frames for glasses, as well as contact lenses for older kids (teens).

Get Pediatric Eye Care in North Carolina

Eye care for children is an essential area of any child’s development. It requires optometrists with experience in working with kids and their visual development.

At Fox Eye Care Group, our optometrists have the right mix of expertise and helpful, kid-friendly service for pediatric eye care. If you have any questions or require emergency eye care for your kid, contact us now.